Rig ICOM 7400
PA LZ2US 1kw

Antenna 1

Feeder 3m LDF04-50 and 90m LDF05-50
Antenna 6 element Vårgårda on rotor 1-360 degrees
Antenna height AGL 86 meters

Antenna 2

Feeder 6m LDF04-50 and 60m LDF05-50
Antenna 8x 4 element DK7ZB vertically stacked on rotor direction 260 degrees over north to 130 degrees.
On top our 432 stack is using the same rotor.
Antenna height AGL 55 meters (centre of stack)

Antenna 3

Feeder 6m LDF4-50 and 62m LDF05-50
Antenna 12x 4 element DK7ZB vertically stacked fixed direction 240 degrees.
Antenna height AGL 56 (centre of stack)

Antenna 4

Feeder 6m LDF4-50 and 40m LDF5-50
Antenna 4x 4 element M2 stacked vertically on rotor 290 degrees north and to 110 degrees.
Antenna height AGL 40 meters.

Antennas are selectable by the operator.